Fantasy Masters

Fantasy Masters 2.0

It is a trading card game where you need to collect cards
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Fantasy Masters is a trading card game. Your task is to get the whole variety of cards.
You have to make up at least one deck to play in the world of Fantasy Masters. A deck is made up of 50 cards. There are 4 types of card: Land, Unit, Item, and Spell. Land card is the main source of energy(soul). You can summon unit, item, spell card using the souls produced by land cards. You can put up to 10 land cards on the land field. Unit card is called on the front field and confronts the enemies. It attacks enemy deck directly if there is no enemy unit on the field. Item cards can be put on units on the front field. Spell cards are summoned on the front field. A spell card is put upside down on the field, so the opponent won't know what it is. The card is flipped when the battle starts. The spell of lower level acts first. If the spells of both sides are of the same level, the attacker's spell hits first.
The place where you can organize your cards and compose your own deck is the Deck Editor. A deck has to have 50 cards. Your deck has to have at least one land card. Each card type has its limit number. You can't have more than 4 identical cards on a deck.

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